Google Lens: My 7 favorite ways to use this amazing image tool


This is probably my favorite way to use Google Lens. As a gardener, I enjoy spreading wildflower seeds each spring. The only problem with those big bags of wildflower seeds is that many different kinds of flowers are in them, so you don’t always know what you’ll get. 

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Whenever a surprise beauty blossoms, I love launching my Google app and looking it up with Lens. Within seconds and without fail, I have my answer.

And it’s not only great for flowers; it is an excellent feature for any outdoor lover who wants to identify a mystery plant or an unfamiliar insect. 

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At the request of my young kids, I frequently find myself looking for bugs; as a result, I’ve learned more than I’d ever expected about Japanese beetles, carrion beetles, and cucumber beetles, to name a few.

Beyond bugs, Google Lens can identify different species of almost any animal. It can also recognize dog and cat breeds if you’re wondering about a pet.

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