Here’s when Google I/O 2023 kicks off




Google I/O is one of my favorite developer events each spring, mainly because you never quite know what to expect. Sure, we usually get a preview of the next version of Android — this year that’ll be Android 14 — but we also get to see some pretty crazy ideas, projects and features, most of which never actually launch; but it’s still exciting to see what Google’s working. 

We now know that Google will hold its annual developer conference on May 10, with the opening keynote once again being live-streamed online for anyone to watch. The official Google I/O website states the event will take place in Mountain View, Cali., but 9to5Google is reporting that the opening keynote is returning to the Shoreline Amphitheater, which is the same location Google held its in-person developer conference prior to the pandemic. 

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After the keynotes, breakout sessions will be available on demand for developers. 

Registration for I/O is currently open and free for anyone who wants to learn more about Google’s new developer tools and products. 

As the event gets closer, we’ll surely know more about what to expect from Google. Usually there’s some hardware (Pixel 7a, perhaps?), Android news, updates on search and some of the company’s bigger projects. Stay tuned! 

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