Is this the best Pixel Fold case right now? Here’s Google’s very own


Photo of the Haze, Porcelain, and Sky Google Pixel Fold cases


During today’s Google I/O developer conference, the company unveiled one of its most anticipated products: The Google Pixel Fold. Foldable smartphones are all the craze as smartphone manufacturers like Samsung and Motorola are vying to create the best shape-shifting handset on the market.

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And Google’s making it clear that it’s taking this folding phone thing very seriously. Just check out these new phone cases. Unlike clamshell-style foldables like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, the Pixel Fold’s hinge bends vertically instead of horizontally. That means making a cover to protect the whole thing is a puzzle in and of itself. Here’s how Google solves it.

Google Pixel Fold Porcelain case against a blue background


The Pixel Fold has a front display and a larger, OLED display that folds open. Because of this unique design, the Pixel Fold cases will look and function differently than traditional smartphone cases.

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Google released cases for the Pixel Fold in three colors: Hazel, Porcelain, and Bay, or black with a green tint, cream, and blue options, respectively. The cases leave an opening for the side railing, which contains the phone’s volume and power buttons.

Photo of Pixel Fold case in Sky on a pink background


The Pixel Fold cases also have an opening for the phone’s rear camera, so you’ll have to use another kind of protection or be very careful not to damage it. There’s a slight protrusion on the back cover to prevent the camera from getting scratched, but again, don’t expect the accessory to save your phone from waist-high drops.

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The Pixel Fold cases leave another opening on the phone’s hinge, hinting that the case comes in two pieces to be fitted on both sides of the phone. These cases are made of polycarbonate, silicone, and microfiber.

Photo of Pixel Fold case in Haze on a blue background


Cases for the Google Pixel Fold start at $59 and are available to purchase on the Google Store starting today.

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