Perfect power bank for MacBooks and Windows laptops is 20% off for Prime Day


Baseus Blade 100W, 20000mAh power bank (save $20)

Baseus Blade 100W, 20000mAh power bank.


While most power banks are aimed at users who want to keep their smartphones and tablets topped up, the Baseus Blade 100W power bank is aimed at laptop users who want to get more done before they’re forced to stop because of a dead battery. 

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This is one of my favorite power banks. It’s the one that lives in my MacBook Pro bag, ready for when I need it.

So, what is it that I like about the Baseus Blade? There are quite a few things. 

First, and as strange as this sounds, I like the shape. A lot of people don’t consider the shape of their power banks, but if it’s going to go into a laptop bag, I don’t want a huge brick with sharp corners. The flat square design with rounded corners, texturized soft coating, and soft silicone feet is perfect for throwing into a laptop bag. 

On the front is an easy-to-read display that shows the unit’s runtime, input and output power, and the time it will take for the unit to be charged or discharged. 

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Also, while I’m a huge fan of mega-capacity power banks, I’m less impressed by them if I have to lug them around. The 20,000mAh capacity is enough to top up a few devices and at a hair under a pound, it’s not all that noticeable in a bag with a laptop.

It’s also nice and simple. On the front are an on and off button and four ports — two USB-A ports and two USB-C ports. Simple.

The USB ports can be used in single, dual, triple, or quadruple configurations. When using a single USB port, a USB-A port can output up to 30W, while a USB-C port can push out 100W.

And now that the Baseus Blade 100W power bank is down to $80 in this year’s Amazon Prime Day sales, this power bank is more of a compelling buy than ever.

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