PS4 and PS5 owners can get free Apple TV+. Here’s what you need to know


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Apple TV+, Apple’s streaming service, typically costs $6.99 a month, though you can get a seven-day trial when you sign up or a three-month trial when you buy a new Apple TV 4K. Now, Sony is reportedly teaming up with Apple to offer PS5 owners an additional six-month trial and a three-month trial for PS4 owners.

According to reports from Push Square, PS5 users can access the free trial regardless of whether they’re a new or current member or using a previous free trial. 

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The free trial for PS4 users will be limited to new subscribers only, and they will need to download the Apple TV app and create an Apple ID.

To redeem the offers on either a PS5 or PS4, users need to do it from the console; they cannot claim the offer from their phones or through the web.

How PS4 and PS5 owners can get free Apple TV+

Find the Apple TV app on your PS4 or PS5 and open it. 

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You can search for it in the search bar or find it in the Media home under ‘All apps.’

Open the Apple TV app and follow the instructions to join or sign in.

Create an Apple ID if you don’t have one already, or sign in with your existing one. PS4 users will have to create an Apple ID at this time, as this offer is only valid for new subscribers. 

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PS5 users can sign in with their existing Apple ID or create a new one if they don’t have one.

Once you log in, your trial should be extended, and you should be ready to use it.

This isn’t the first time Apple has offered Apple TV+ free trials to PlayStation users before, but either term beats the seven-day free trial from signing up for the service. The offers are only available until July 31, 2023.

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