The best AirTag accessories of 2024: Expert tested and reviewed


Likely one of Belkin’s most secure AirTag accessories yet, the Secure Holder with Wire Cable for AirTag is designed to attach to luggage, purses, keys, or other belongings with ease. It comes in white or black and features an allen key design to ensure your AirTag won’t fall out of the holder, or that the wire will unlock from what it’s attached to. 

I am slightly embarrassed to even write this, but the Belkin AirTag holder is so protective, that I initially struggled getting the holder open with the allen key and removing the cable to latch it onto my bag. This is by no means any fault of Belkin, but rather user error and my longstanding issue remembering “righty tighty, lefty loosey.” Anyways, this AirTag holder isn’t going anywhere once its locked, and your AirTag won’t be escaping, either. 

The wide wire loop makes this a great holder for affixing to many things, and it’s especially great for those awkward bag handles that are too thick for carabiners or key rings. I probably wouldn’t use this style on something like my keys, but If I had to buy only one AirTag accessory off of this list for attaching to a bag, this one would be it. I only wish it came in a few more fun colors like pink, blue, green, purple, or a neon color, which would make them easier to spot if you used them on the outside of luggage like Belkin suggests. 

Current customers on the Belkin site said they liked the overall quality, performance, security, and ease of use of the Secure Holder, generating an average o f4.7/5 stars on the site. However, some users said they also experience some trouble opening the holder, and that the allen key strips the screw, though I haven’t personally experienced the latter in my time testing. 

Belkin Secure Holder with Wire Cable for AirTag features: Allen key locking system | Braided wire cable | Open design to show engravings | Raised edge to prevent scratches 

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