The best Google Pixel 7a phone cases right now


Oakxco Silicone Google Pixel 7a case features: Colors: Yellow, Black, Dark green, Lavender grey, Red, Sage green | Materials: Silicone, Recyclable materials, Microfiber lining 

If you’re looking for an affordable option that’s still quality, this case from Oakxco perfectly fits the job — and the Pixel 7a. Made out of durable liquid silicone, the case is protective, easy to clean, and smoothly slips into your pocket. It’s also non-slip, which helps to prevent drops in the first place. Speaking of dropping, the company boasts 360 heavy duty drop protection thanks to a soft microfiber lining on the inside. 

Additionally, there’s a raised edge on the camera bump to protect the rear lenses. Currently available in six different colors, each adds a fun and bright aesthetic to the phone and can even mark your phone, preventing the “whose phone is whose” mixup. 

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