The best identity theft protection and credit monitoring services of 2023


Aura features: Android, iOS compatibility | AI functionality | Monitors online accounts, passwords, SSN, and identities online | Password manager & vault | White Glove fraud recovery team | Safe gaming | VPN

Aura offers rapid fraud alerts to help you act sooner rather than later if there is a threat. Alerts are sent directly to your phone via user-friendly mobile apps so there are no delays — giving you the chance to react almost immediately. The app also secures your passwords, tracks spending, and offers easy access to your credit report. 

There are preemptive measures, too, like online security and a secure VPN, with extra features set to block harmful malware and phishing websites that can risk your identity and steal your information. 

If something is wrong and suspicious activity is detected, you can quickly freeze your credit and contact Aura’s team, who will help you resolve and recover from fraud incidents. Up to $5 million is on offer regarding identity theft insurance. 

Aura offers a 60-day money-back guarantee and is currently available at up to 68% off. Subscriptions start at $9 monthly for an individual account with $1 million of identity theft insurance. If you are a couple, plans are set at $17/month with up to $2 million in identity theft insurance ($1 million per person). 

Charges rise to $25 for a family plan, which includes additional features such as ‘Safe gaming’ and online predator alerts, as well as protection for up to five adults and unlimited kids. Up to $5 million in identity theft insurance is on offer ($1 million/adult). 

The above prices are based on annual billing. If you choose to pay monthly, charges are slightly higher: $12/month for an individual plan, $20/month for a couple, and $30 for a family subscription.

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