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The best Mother’s Day gift cards in 2023

The best Mother’s Day gift cards in 2023

Did Mother’s Day sneak up on you? Does your mom go ahead and buy herself everything on her wishlist? Don’t panic. With gift cards, you can deliver shopping bliss without worrying about a delayed delivery date or a gift going untouched. To save you more time, effort, and possibly money, I’ve scoured the internet to find the best gift cards available, ranging from that of department stores to food and digital services. 

For your convenience, many retailers including Starbucks, Amazon, and Target also offer the option to send gift cards via text message, making it even easier to show your mom appreciation. To do this, download the stores’ apps and purchase gift cards like you normally do. When checking out, choose the option to send the gift card via e-mail or text message. If you’re on iOS, you’ll also see toggles in your iMessage that allow you to send gift cards within a conversation.


An Amazon gift card is probably the safest pick on this list but also the most useful. With a never-ending catalog of items to scroll through, an Amazon gift card gives your recipient the freedom of choice. The retailer is promising one to two-day shipping for its physical gift cards and same-day delivery for digital gift cards.

For decades, Best Buy has been a tech haven for enthusiasts and geeks, carrying virtually any tech brand and product that one could think of. While Amazon has caught up over the past years when it comes to gadget offerings, there’s still a reason to shop at Best Buy instead: price matching. Show any floor associate a better deal on a product and they’ll price match to compete. While inventory and delivery times have taken a hit, a Best Buy gift card is your best bet for any tech-loving recipient.

As my mom always says, “food always tastes better when someone else makes it.” Needless to say, food always makes a pretty solid gift. Food delivery services like Grubhub have boomed over the past couple of years and the pandemic is just another reason to eat in. With a Grubhub gift card, you can order delivery (or takeout) from hundreds of local restaurants, including mom-and-pop locations — all from the comfort of your home.

There’s only one streaming service that gives you high-definition playback of the multiverse that is Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic. Treat your recipient to a one-year subscription of Disney Plus with this digital gift card. With it, they’ll gain access to the latest superhero flicks and animation along with the classics. 

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I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve purchased birthday and holiday gifts from Etsy for many years, and perhaps you have as well. And if there’s one thing you should know about buying custom-made gifts, it’s that they take time. That’s why an Etsy gift card makes for a timely and thoughtful gift, especially if your recipient loves arts and crafts. You’ll also be supporting local businesses!

Is your mom treating herself to a night on the town soon? Treat her to a free ride. Gifting to a mom or mother figure who’s not a big cook? Treat them to free takeout. An Uber gift card is more flexible than you’d think and makes for a great present that comes in handy no matter when and where.

For all the glitz and glamour, a Sephora gift card makes for the perfect last-minute gift. The retailer hosts dozens of beauty brands, ranging from skincare to cosmetics to fragrances, allowing your recipient to try a little bit of this and that, or replenish their go-to products.

Shopping is overwhelming, shipment dates are unreliable, and sometimes the best gift is letting the recipient decide. I know that these gift cards have never let me — or the person I’ve gifted it to — down. For Mother’s Day, we also were sure to consider gift cards that the mom in your life would find useful from tech and entertainment needs to a Sephora run. While we included options from major retailers such as Amazon and Disney, we also were sure to consider local stores, hence our Etsy pick. 

Yes. If you or your mom need some spring cleaning motivation, Amazon offers a payment system for recycling your old electronics via their trade-in program. Read more on how it works here

If you ask most Mothers or caregivers, they’ll most likely tell you “it’s the thought that counts” when it comes to gift giving. That said, a gift card is a nice gesture, especially if you’ve selected it for a place or retailer you know they love. Gift cards are also a good option if you’re worried about shipment dates or want to give your mom the freedom to pick out something herself. 

This year, Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, May 14th. 

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