This M3 MacBook Pro model will display to dual monitors just like M3 MacBook Air


M3 MacBook Pro


One cool feature unveiled with Apple’s new M3 MacBook Air is support for dual monitors. With the lid closed on the 13-inch or the 15-inch M3 Air, you can view the screen on two external monitors at the same time. One external monitor can display the screen with a resolution as high as 6K at 60Hz, while the second monitor’s resolution can go as high as 5K at 60Hz. 

Imagine the type of work you can get done with all that screen real estate.

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But what about those of you who bought the M3 MacBook Pro that launched last October? You’re in luck. Apple has confirmed to 9to5Mac that a software update slated for the 14-inch MacBook Pro will grant it the same capability. And the dual monitor feature will work the same way on the M3 MacBook Pro as on the M3 Air

Apple didn’t reveal when or how the update would be available. A spokesperson for the company told me that it had no specific details regarding the date at this time.

Support for more than one external monitor is a new feature for MacBooks outfitted with Apple’s basic-level M series chips. The M1 and M2 MacBooks can display their screens on only a single external monitor, even with the lid closed.

But pricier models with higher-end M chips have always been able to work with multiple displays.

A MacBook Pro with an M2 Pro or M3 Pro chip can handle up to two external displays, while a MacBook Pro with an M2 Max or M3 Max chip can juggle a whopping four external displays at once. The current 14-inch MacBook Pro is available with a basic M3 chip as well as an M3 Pro or Max chip, while the 16-inch variant comes with either an M3 Pro or Max chip.

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Beyond the dual monitor support, the new M3 MacBook Air offers faster performance over the M1 and M2 variants and support for Wi-Fi 6e. But otherwise, most of the specs are the same as in the M2 model.

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