Want to watch the eclipse on Monday? Google has a free solution




Millions of people will be making their way to the 2024 total eclipse’s path of totality on Monday with the hope of watching the moon completely cover the sun. If you don’t live on the path, can’t travel to it, or would rather watch from the comfort of your home, Google has a solution for you. 

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On Sunday, Google announced that from April 7 through April 8, it will be highlighting a content collection on Google TV that makes it easier for users to find the right channels to witness the eclipse live. All free, ad-supported local channels showing eclipse coverage will display custom-themed title cards that link to the live stream under the Total Solar Eclipse collection on Google TV, as seen in the photo at the top of the article. 

Participating local and regional channels include NBC News Now, Scripps News, Reuters Now, AccuWeather NOW, and NBC affiliates in  Dallas Fort Worth, Washington DC, San Diego, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, New York, Connecticut, South Florida, Boston, Bay Area, and Chicago. 

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To access Google TV for free, you need a smart TV or streaming device with Google TV built-in or the Google TV mobile app for Android or iOS to start streaming. If you don’t have either, there’ll be plenty of live streams available for free on YouTube, with some links already being live, including the Associated Press’s live stream

Even if you weren’t planning on going out of your way to witness the event in person, tuning in live from home is still a great opportunity since this event is a rare and special occurrence. This marks the first time since 2017 that a total eclipse has been viewable in the US. The next total eclipse visible in the US will be in 2044. 

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