When is Google I/O 2024 and what can we expect?


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Google has had a pretty eventful year already, rebranding its AI chatbot from Bard to Gemini and releasing several new AI models. At Google I/O, we expect the company to make even more announcements regarding AI, and unveil new hardware for 2024.

Google sent out event invites to the press — including ZDNET — that reveal the annual developer conference is taking place on May 14 and 15 at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California. Developers can register for the event on the Google I/O landing page for free to take advantage of perks such as getting email updates and accessing on-demand sessions.

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The main keynote, which is when Google leaders take the stage to unveil the company’s latest hardware and software, is going to take place on the first day of the conference at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET.

Although the invite doesn’t specify details about tuning in remotely, you can expect Google to livestream the event on YouTube and its website, as the company usually does for members of the public and press who can’t attend in person.

Google’s event description on both its invite and its website is vague. The invite reads, “Learn about Google’s newest developer tools and discover how they fuel innovation and enhance your workflow for maximum productivity.”

However, given the announcements already made this year, we expect the focal point of the event to be artificial intelligence. At last year’s I/O, AI was also the crown jewel of the event with major announcements such as two new large language models (PaLM 2 and Bard-now-Gemini), new AI features in Android 14, chatbot improvements, and more.

Similarly, this year, you can expect to learn more about the new features in Android 15, which will likely feature a myriad of new AI capabilities, updates to Gemini, and maybe even a new large language model.

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The event will presumably showcase some new hardware too. If Google I/O 2024 follows past installments, Google will unveil a new smartphone, the Pixel 8A. The Pixel 7A, revealed at least year’s event, proved to be an impressive A-series device and mid-range smartphone when reviewed by ZDNET.

Google I/O is notorious for surprises, meaning you can also expect something no one is talking about. ZDNET will be covering the event, so if you can’t tune in, you’ll be able to check the site for the latest updates.

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