101 Ed about World Most Stable Asset


Investors are having hard times these days. Crypto-companies turn out to be frauds, banks go bankrupt, and corporate brand ambassadors fail to manage their bipolar disorder – in other words, it is easier to lose your money than to earn anything – even if (or especially if) you have an MBA degree.

However, there is one option for everyone who seeks a safe haven for their money – and it is the world’s most prized and stable asset that also has a number in Mendeleev’s periodic table – gold.

Gold is virtually inflation-proof and what is even more important – this metal is perfect for long-term investments since it imminently gains value over time. The world reserves of gold are limited and with each new ounce, it becomes harder to mine. In other words, it becomes rarer – and thus more valuable.

Sputnik made a brief infographic for you showing which countries have the largest gold reserves, and which have been increasing their stash over the past years.

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