At Least 25 Burned to Death, Dozens Injured in Women’s Prison Riot in Honduras


MEXICO (Sputnik) – At least 25 inmates of a women’s penitentiary in Honduras have died in a fire, seven others have been stabbed to death and dozens injured during violent clashes between two warring prison gangs, local media reported on Tuesday.

At least 25 charred female bodies have been found in the bathrooms of the Women’s Social Adaptation Center (CEFAS) in the Francisco Morazan Department in the central part of the country, Honduran media reported.

The inmates were reportedly killed by members of the opposing gang who locked their adversaries inside and then started the fire.

Honduran authorities are yet to confirm the figures, according to reports citing sources. The death tall from the riot is speculated to hit 41.

Five injured women have since been taken to a local hospital.

Deputy Security Minister Semma Julissa Villanueva said on Twitter that the law enforcement agencies and firefighters had to interfere in the riot, and declared a state of emergency in the prison.

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