Bahrain Returning Ambassador to Lebanon


DOHA (Sputnik) – Bahrain is returning its ambassador to Lebanon amid a general improvement in relations in the region, the Bahrain Ministry of Foreign Affairs informs.

In October 2021, Bahrain recalled its ambassador from Lebanon after a Lebanese minister criticized the actions of the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen.

On Saturday, the Bahraini foreign ministry said on Twitter that the Kingdom had “decided to restore diplomatic representation” at ambassador level in Lebanon to “strengthen the fraternal relations between the two countries.”

Saudi Arabia and a number of other Persian Gulf countries announced the withdrawal of their ambassadors from Lebanon for consultations in late October 2021, and gave Lebanese ambassadors 48 hours to leave the respective countries. The decision came amid the scandal caused by the comments of a prominent Lebanese journalist and TV host, George Kordahi, who was later appointed Minister of Information.

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Qatar, Bahrain Announce Restoration of Diplomatic Relations – State Media

Before this appointment, the journalist told Qatari news agency that the war in Yemen was pointless and that the campaign of the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia was an act of aggression, while Ansar Allah rebels (Houthis) were fighting in defense of their country. In early December 2021, Kordahi resigned.

In April 2022, Saudi and Kuwaiti ambassadors returned to Beirut half a year after being recalled from Lebanon.

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