I’m not Commenting Washington’s Moaning that Russia Is Not Interested in Doing Diplomacy with Kiev


Kiev has adopted a special law that prevents any peace talks with the Kremlin, whilst carrying out terror attacks on Russian territory and sacrificing countless lives of Ukrainians. Yet Western political rhetoric alleges that it is Moscow which is avoiding diplomacy.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said that he is tired of addressing Washington’s remarks that Moscow does not want to hold dialogue with Kiev.

Commenting on recent reports that Latin American and African states have prepared a peace plan for Ukraine, Lavrov stressed that Russia has not recieved any initiatives yet during a joint presser with his Belarusian counterpart Sergei Aleinik.

“We responded to an appeal to us from Latin American and African friends that we are ready to consider any of their proposals [on the crisis in Ukraine], which are dictated by a sincere desire to help stabilize the world order, but so far, we have not seen anything on paper either from the Brazilians or from the Africans, unlike from our Chinese neighbors,” Russian top diplomat stated.

The minister also denounced the recent statement from French President Emmanuel Macron about Russia’s “dependence” on China. In an interview, the French president claimed that Russia suffered a “geopolitical defeat” and is becoming dependent on Beijing, thus “raising doubts” among its historical allies.

“As for Macron’s statements about the vassal-master, you know it is Freudian: ‘What hurts, that is what he talks about’,” Lavrov alleged.

The French leader is known for proclaiming the course of strategic autonomy of the European Union for a number of years, but it is clear to everybody that the US will not allow the bloc to have any strategic or any kind of autonomy at all, the minister added.

Lavrov also stressed that the expansion of NATO undermines perspectives of dialogue on European security.

“The reckless expansion of NATO not only eastward, but also northward and in other geographic directions undermines the very prospect of any further normal conversation about European security,” Lavrov concluded.

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