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Musk Says Biden Should ‘Do His Own Tweets’

Musk Says Biden Should ‘Do His Own Tweets’

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – US billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk has ironically called on the team of US President Joe Biden to give the US leader the password to his page on Twitter, so he can post there himself.

“Please give him the password, so he can do his own tweets. Please, I’m begging you!” Musk said on Twitter on Saturday, in response to a post on Biden’s account saying “It’s about time the super-wealthy start paying their fair share.”

Musk added in another comment that he agreed that elaborate tax-avoidance schemes should be made illegal, “but acting upon that would upset a lot of donors, so we will see words, but no action.”

Biden, 80, is the oldest person to be sworn in as US president. There have been concerns about his age in light of his decision to participate in the 2024 US elections.

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