Shrapnel-Proof Waistcoats Created in Donetsk For Service Dogs in Special Op Zone


Shrapnel-proof vests are protective garments designed to prevent injuries. They are typically made of high-strength material such as Kevlar or polyethylene, and contain multiple layers of protective fabric.

Armor vests for service dogs assisting Russian servicemen on the front line as part of the special military operation have been created in Donetsk, Mikhail Kondrus, director of the company 3D Techno, said.

“We have designed and manufactured a larger and a smaller anti-shrapnel vest. The larger vest is fully equipped with slings of the Molly system to accommodate additional payloads, such as a small amount of ammunition, first-aid kits and other payloads,” he said.

Kondrus added that for regular tasks and everyday wear, a smaller vest with a ballistic anti-shatter package has been created. It can carry four Kalashnikov magazines and two grenades on each side.

The two vests were individually designed for a dog nicknamed Bandit. His owner, a Russian marine with the call sign “Yaryy,” said that Bandit’s previous vest had fallen into disrepair over time and he had requested that a more reliable one be made, with anti-shatter protection.

These vests give the dog a Br1 and C2 class protection. Kondrus said they will be mass-produced, taking into account the anthropometric parameters of different dog breeds and the specifics of their service.

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