‘Stupid Mistake’ for EU to Sanction Russia’s Nuclear Energy Industry


UNITED NATIONS (Sputnik) – It would be a tragic mistake for the European Union to impose sanctions against the Russian nuclear energy industry, American film director Oliver Stone said on Thursday.

“It was a stupid mistake. The Russians have done a tremendously important job for the world. We should be all partners in this; we should not be in war. I pray for peace,” Stone said in a press briefing.

Russia is also now building nuclear plants mostly in Eurasia and they are very good engineers, he added.

Rosatom is a major nuclear government-backed agency, whereas the United States does not have such an entity.

Stone recently made a movie ‘Nuclear Now’ which is based on professor Joshua S Goldstein’s book “A Bright Future.” The documentary makes the case for nuclear power as a vital energy solution in the face of climate change.

The world's first floating nuclear power plant (NPP) Akademik Lomonosov is pictured at the port of Murmansk, Russia.  - Sputnik International, 1920, 24.04.2023

Rosatom: Dozens of Countries Interested in Russia’s Floating NPP Project

In April, Berlin called on the European Union to impose sanctions on Russia’s nuclear industry. Germany justified it by saying that nuclear technology was an “extremely sensitive area” in which Russia could no longer be considered a reliable partner.

Following that, Lithuania proposed to gradually impose sanctions against Russia’s state nuclear corporation Rosatom or impose sanctions against Russia in the field of nuclear energy.

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