Trump Vows to Use US Military to Fight Drug Crisis if Reelected in 2024


WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – Former President Donald Trump said in a campaign video on Thursday that he will use the American military to fight the country’s burgeoning fentanyl and broader drug addiction crisis and inflict maximum damage on drug cartels.

Trump said his plan to end drug addiction in the United States includes seeking the death penalty for convicted drug dealers and human traffickers; imposing a full naval embargo on drug cartels; and sending the US military to take on the drug cartels.

The former president also said he would demand the “full cooperation” of neighboring governments to dismantle the trafficking and smuggling networks in South and Central America.

In addition, the politician said he would order US federal law enforcement to demolish gangs and organized street criminal organizations, which distribute the drugs locally.

Trump criticized President Joe Biden for failing to secure the US border with Mexico, thus allowing an unfettered flow of drugs to enter the United States. Trump said he has to win the presidency in 2024 because otherwise the United States under the Biden administration and the Democrats is “going to hell.”

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