Turkish intelligence captures fugitive PKK terrorist abroad 


Rasim Akyol, a fugitive member of the PKK terrorist group, was brought to Türkiye after being captured by the National Intelligence Organization (MIT) in an unspecified country, security sources told media outlets Friday.

Photos shared by security sources show Akyol at an undisclosed location between two Turkish flags.

An undated photo shows Rasim Akyol after his capture. (AA Photo)
An undated photo shows Rasim Akyol after his capture. (AA Photo)

Akyol was seeking to flee into Europe from the country he was last residing in when he was captured. He was already convicted of supplying arms to terrorist groups by a Turkish court and sentenced to 15 years in prison in absentia.

He was among those charged with aiding and abetting PKK members captured in 2018 in the southern Turkish province of Hatay with 25 kilos of explosives.

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