Türkiye freezes assets of 2 Daesh, al-Qaida-linked individuals


Turkish authorities froze the assets of two individuals linked to the terrorist groups Daesh and al-Qaida, in line with a resolution passed by the U.N. Security Council.

A decision to this effect was published in the Official Gazette, which amended List No. 1 in the annex of the Council of Ministers’ conclusions, dated Sept. 30, 2013, and numbered 2013/5428, on the freezing of assets in the possession of persons, institutions or organizations that fall under UNSC resolutions 1267, 1988 and 1989.

Afghan nationals Mawlawi Rajab Salahuddin and Sultan Aziz Azzam were added to the list of “Real Persons Linked to Daesh/ISIS and al-Qaida,” according to the decision published with the signature of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

On Sunday, the president announced that Daesh terrorist group leader Abu Hussein al-Qurashi, who recently took over the leadership of Daesh, was “neutralized” in an operation conducted by Türkiye’s National Intelligence Organization (MIT) in Syria.

In 2013, Türkiye became one of the first countries to declare Daesh a terrorist organization.

The country has since been attacked by the terror group multiple times, with over 300 people killed and hundreds more injured in at least 10 suicide bombings, seven bomb attacks and four armed assaults.

In response, Türkiye launched counterterrorism operations at home and abroad to prevent further attacks.

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