UK to Send Over 1,500 Troops to Estonia for NATO Drills – Reports


MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Over 1,500 UK troops will take part in a large-scale NATO exercise in Estonia later this month, UK media reported on Sunday, citing the defense ministry.

“Hundreds of UK troops from across our Armed Forces will again train with personnel from 11 NATO nations, demonstrating the strength of our interoperability with partner nations and our combined commitment to the NATO Alliance,” UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said, as quoted by the Sky News broadcaster.

The Spring Strom annual exercise will involve around 14,000 military and become the largest NATO drills this year, the news outlet reported. This year, the United Kingdom sent more troops following its decision to increase the number of its forces under the Enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) program.

The NATO unit will train various combat tactics, including trench storms, light infantry combat, coordination with armored vehicles and reconnaissance operations, according to the report.

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