Ukrainian Top General’s Replacement Would Likely Have to Be Vetted by US


As reports emerge about Ukrainian armed forces top commander Gen. Valery Zaluzhny would likely be unable to lead Kiev’s war machine due to the injuries he sustained, it remains unclear who exactly might replace him.

Earlier today, a source in Russian law enforcement agencies told Sputnik that Zaluzhny suffered a cranial injury due to a Russian missile strike and had to undergo a trepanation.

“The forecast is that he will live, but he will not be able to do his job,” the source said.

Commenting on this situation, Russian TV Channel One military correspondent Evgeny Poddubny told Sputnik that any officer the regime in Kiev might chose to replace Zaluzhny would have to be vetted by the US government first.

“On one hand, Zelensky needs a loyal man, on the other hand, people in Washington do not always approve of that,” he said. “Therefore, they will likely have to compromise on that matter. The regime in Kiev is not independent in that regard.”

Meanwhile, Alexander Mikhailov, analyst and head of the Bureau of Military-Political Analysis in Russia, suggested that a lot would depend on whether Zelensky would run for a new term in the upcoming presidential election slated to be held in Ukraine in less than 10 months.

He pointed out that, until recently, Zaluzhny is not just an officer but also a political figure who, until recently, was actively promoted on social media as a potential replacement for Zelensky himself.

“How do we know whether Zaluzhny was actually injured?” Mikhailov inquired. “Maybe he really was injured, but maybe he is currently being prepped for a political career as the future president of Ukraine. Could that be true? It could. In many Ukrainian regions, Zaluzhny’s rating is higher than that of Zelensky.”

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